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We have opened a new store at 69 Waratah St Katoomba and we couldn't be happier with the reception from our friends on social media and our walk in customers. People have been happy with the friendly service and the atmosphere that the store provides. drop in sometime and say hi.

Our store is dedicated to delivering great service and quality products. we have been receiving great reviews, so a big thank you for your support.

We have just introduced a great range of one of a kind amplifiers to the site so please contact us for details. We have a wonderful range of vintage 1960s/70s japanese amps and utterly brilliant 'oak amps' made here locally in the blue mountains from vintage studio amps and stereos. 

If you are visiting us from overseas we offer great postal options so feel assured that you can purchase and have your items delivered to your door. More news to come

 A couple of our local musicians testing the amps. 

A couple of our local musicians testing the amps. 

We also offer a guitar repair service So, if your instrument isn't working as you want it to, get in contact with us and we'll cure what ain't working.

 Re-wiring a guitar is one of our favourite things. Bring yours in today.

Re-wiring a guitar is one of our favourite things. Bring yours in today.

Our range of available instruments is increasing daily with new, vintage and budget instruments being brought in once they have been serviced. Our cigar box guitars have met with great reviews and we have new models coming into the store regularly. We are working at delivering one of our famous LIGHTning boy Cbgs into the store asap.

 Standard Lightning Boy

Standard Lightning Boy


If you have any questions or special requests such as part payment options, please don't hesitate to contact me below

Adam Harrison

Owner and operator of Birdwood Guitars and CBGs

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Birdwood Guitars sells a great range of merchandise through the website Redbubble. You can purchase all number of interesting merch from T-shirts to stubby holders and iPad covers.

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