Vintage amplifiers

Vintage Japanese amplifiers and some of the most unique amplifiers you will ever see from Oak Amps.


an oak amps bass combo

thumping bass tones

vintage amplifiers

Birdwood Guitars is happy to offer a wonderful range of rare vintage Japanese amplifiers as well as an amazing range of vintage, locally made, hand built amplifiers made by OAK AMPS. 

each one of Our Japanese amplifiers are almost a one of a kind as there are so few original versions available. Our Japanese amplifiers are solid state beauties that have been built to take the knocks associated with small venue gigs. They evoke images of smoky jazz bars and studios and have a tone that challenges the notion that solid state amps lack warmth. Come in, try one and be amazed.

Oak Amps is a small one man company that is based right here in the blue mountains. Tim has a knack of finding old studio amplifiers and other treasures that he can convert into amazing guitar amplifiers. He uses vintage and vintage-spec components to craft amazing tube amps under the Oak Amps label.     

If youare interested in one of our amplifiers, please don't hesitate to contact us on +61430498051 to organise postage of the smaller units or freight for the much heavier tube amplifiers.

We will be uploading images and details ASAP



arbiter soundhouse on top of a pair of leslie speakers

120 watt monster!!!!!


'oak amps'ARBITER soundHouse head

Transistor pre amp. 12ax7, EL34, EL34, EL34, EL34, EL34, EL34, diode rectifier. Only 500 made by a small missile company.Very, very rare.

$1300. It's freaking loud!!!

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'oak amps'Bass amplifier

This bass amplifier was built from components from a 1945 amplifier!!

(6f5 Fender)ef86, 12ax7, (6l6, 6l6 coke style), 5u4

Studio bass amp plus 1960's 15 inch eton speaker


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'oak amps'hifi ltd head

made in the malvern hills (vox ac15)

ef86, ef86, 12ax7, el84, el84, ez81.

only 400 made

extremly rare and bloody powerful!!!!


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'oak amps' Lightning bolt

1957 recycled heathkit converted to 1942 valco 1200.

65n7, 65n7, 6v6, 6v6, 5y3. 

a beautiful amplifier with a sweet voice. 

Leslie 12 inch speaker.




Coronet (circa 1969) solid state amplifier

made in Japan

this amplifier has so much mojo! it really shows what a little solid state amplifier is capable of. it has a tone perfectly suited to blues, folk and ambient tones. the perfect recording tool or coffee house amplifier. in excellent condition for it's age. very rare.


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