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Hound Dog Non-reso

Hound Dog Non-reso


The guitar is inspired by the ingenuity of blues men in the past who created musical instruments from what ever items they had available. These instruments are made from recycled timbers such as pallet timber, pine, oak or Oregon. Most of the timbers have come from old furniture or reclaimed industrial materials. With that in mind each piece is unique and nail holes, bumps and contusions are all a part of the instruments heritage. 


Although these instruments are made from reclaimed materials, the hardware is all ready to blast! We use quality tuners, quality potentiometers and output jacks. There are a selection of great pickups available from reputable suppliers such as Victory Pickups and Mortal coil. Both of these wonderful companies are small independent builders who build small batches of hand made pickups that have a unique tone and vibe. They are available as a 3 or 4 string. Lefties are the same price! 

Payment plans are available just call Adam on +61 430498051

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