Delta-blues Guitar - Currently made to order

Delta-blues Guitar - Currently made to order


BUILD SPECIFICS - 6 Week Build Time

This range of exciting 3 or 4 string electric guitars are modelled off the old Japanese guitars made popular by such notable blues players as Hound Dog Taylor and more recently Seasick Steve. These instruments are made from 30mm marine grade ply which is what the old 60's guitars were often made from. they are available in a great range of colours including trans-black, trans-crimson, relic black and relic army green. The paint is applied to the bodies and then basically beaten up to imitate years of hard gigging. 


The guitars utilise single coil, goldfoil Victory pickups. These wonderful pickups are totally handmade in the US and have a fantastic lo fi character, perfectly suited for playing anything from Delta blues to country and rock. The guitars also come standard with quality tuners and quality potentiometers and output jacks. Lefties are available at NO EXTRA CHARGE!!

Payment plans are available. Just call Adam on +61 430498051 or send me an email

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