The rETrO-ULTrA-MEGA-BOOSTEr is a combined clean and dirty boost pedal that when combined creates a saturated overdrive. 

The first side is a clean boost gives your tone a kick in the butt, emphasising all those luscious nuances in your basic signal. It's a 'leave on' effect that can be altered via the single clean knob.

The second side of the effect is a dirty boost that is designed to add an edge to your signal via the variable blue control knob. You can then vary the tone further via a 3 way toggle switch that gives you a variety of tone settings that works brilliantly with a variety of guitar pickups. 

When you depress both foot switches you are presented with a saturated overdrive, perfect for that song part that needs that extra punch. 

All rETrOELECTrIC EFFECTS are handmade in very small batches using industry standard through hole components and hand assembled. All our effects have a lifetime guarantee on parts and build quality. 

Runs on 9V power adapter (not inc) negative centre pin

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