‘NOIZU’ electric guitar by retro-electric

‘NOIZU’ electric guitar by retro-electric


Made to order 2 - 3 month wait time

Payment plan available. 

Totally handmade

Totally inspired by the Japanese guitars of the 1960s, the NOIZU is here to pay tribute of the past and provide a totally professional and affordable guitar for working guitarists. 

The ‘NOIZU’ is modeled off the Kawai S-1 my personal favourite. This guitar differs from the originals in that they are equiped with upgraded (more powerful) pickups and more accurate Kluson tuners. A hand shaped bone nut is located up at the headstock end of the fretboard which sports medium frets and the electronics are quality industry standard CTS potentiometers and a swichcraft output jack as well as a swichcraft 3 way switch for the two pickup version. One thing that is always commented on is the acoustic resonance of the original MIJ guitars. Many of these guitars were made of good old building ply!! That’s the timber of choice for these guitar bodies and they are finished in a way that allows the pattern of the ply to stand out.

The guitar is painted in a finish that allows for bumps and scratches to actually show up. Don’t wait years for a groovy roadwork relic to occur. 

  • Australian hardwood neck usually blackwood or oak
  • 12 inch radius fretboard usually rosewood or blackwood depending on what you need 
  • industrial grade 30mm ply body - just like the original MIJ guitars
  • Victory pickup - available with one or two pickups (extra charge)
  • Kluson 6 in line tuners
  • bone nut
  • stop tail 
  • tune-a-matic style bridge
  • CTS volume and tone
  • Switchcraft output jack and 3 way switch (if required)
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