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'Ibanez' Lawsuit era slimline archtop

'Ibanez' Lawsuit era slimline archtop


This guitar was purchased from the good ol’ USA as it was completely a one of a kind. the guitar is a bit of a mystery. There are no markings on the body which either date it or tell us what company it is from. We can assume that the guitar was made by one of the better known companies due to the fact it has a sloping headstock and the neck is perfectly fitted to the body. The guitar has vintage Ibanez ‘Z’ tuners and it is these tuners that inform us that it was most probably made in the Ibanez factory in either the late 60s or very early 70s.

The guitar has a great tone and sounds wonderful when played through a tube amp or vintage transistor amplifier. The pickups are not powerful so it won’t suit heavy distortion but it loves a great bluesy crunch. Think Chicago blues or country. The guitar is sold complete with a vibrato arm but it swings freely and can pop out easily. there is no truss rod cover at this point.

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