Fresher 'Les Nine' Single Cut Electric Guitar

Fresher 'Les Nine' Single Cut Electric Guitar


Do not mistake this guitar with the less desirable 1st and 2nd generation models in the Fresher range. This is the highly collectable 4th generation model. in 1978 Fresher shifted production from Matsumoto to Chushin Gakki, and at the same time upped the quality. This is a very solid guitar with excellent weight, fantastic low action and that big name tone at a fraction of the price.

  • mahogany body

  • Maple cap

  • Mahogany neck

  • Bound rosewood fretboard

  • Perfectly installed fret markers

  • closed tuners

  • gotoh tuners

  • beautifully painted

  • Dimarzio pickups

  • Gotoh bridge

  • Made around 1980

  • amazing quality

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