@1975 Franpton 'Stratocaster' electric guitar

@1975 Franpton 'Stratocaster' electric guitar

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Unforgivable copy of a Fender Stratocaster belies the fact that it is an out and out TONE MONSTER!!!!

This guitar was produced by Japan Matsumoku Co., and sold by Pearl Musical Instrument Co. 

This guitar was imported from Japan in the mid 1970s and somehow got away with both the Fender style lettering of ‘Franpton’ and the name STRATOCASTER proudly emblazoned across the headstock.

The guitar has had a couple of upgrades during its life so far; New covered tuners and more powerful pickups matched to a 25dB BOOST switch located on the scratch plate. the Middle tone control acts as the volume for the boost which really gives your tone and volume a kick in the a$$!!!

As per the 1970s the frets are super low profile but in perfect condition with no fret-out on the bends.

Some small bumps and knocks are to be expected from a guitar this old but it takes nothing away from this excellent guitar.

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