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We build a fantastic range of cigar box guitars and art box guitars. Three and four string CBGs are very popular and super easy to play.

Matt Charnely signature ROLLING THUNDER CBG

Matt Charnely signature ROLLING THUNDER CBG


Currently sold out but can be made to order within 3 weeks.

Matt Charnley has been a tireless advocate for live music in the Sydney region for over 20 years. He is a very well respected and loved member of our rock and roll community and we at BIRDWOOD GUITARS are proud to be endorsing him and his band LIZARD with the 'Matt Charnley' signature ROLLING THUNDER 3 string CBG. This guitar is built to rock! Plug it into your favourite amp and let rip! You can get so many great tones out of a one pickup guitar just by utilising the tone control. Watch the videos of Matt tearing it up at the Hawksbury Hotel with his own CBG. Now with an upgraded humbucking pickup especially designed for 3 string CBGs

• Available now

• timber cigar box body

• 3 piece oiled Tasmanian oak neck with oak fingerboard

• smooth neck heel.

• fretless with screw style position markers.

• powerful pickup

• Reverse style headstock

• volume and tone for extra versatility

• Quality machine heads

• Steel hardtail bridge (totally intonatable)

• black scratch plate

• side mounted sound holes

• Guitar strap button

Hand made by Adam Harrison and fully guaranteed

Birdwood Guitars is a real bricks and mortar store located in Katoomba in the Blue mountains. You can be assured of quality and satisfaction.

Built to last

Built to BLAST!!!!

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