Traditional Series 1 String Diddly bow CBG

Traditional Series 1 String Diddly bow CBG


This range of cigar box guitars has been designed to offer an entry level instrument that is brimming with old world charm and tone.

The Traditional range of CBGs have been built using petite size cigar boxes and reclaimed timber for the necks. This guitar’s neck has been made from a 60 year old chest of draws and will have screw holes and other bumps which are part of the aesthetic of this rustic instrument. The guitars have an inbuilt, acoustic piezo pickup that amplifies the acoustic nature of the guitar through any type of amplifier. More than loud enough unplugged for private practice and loud enough when plugged in to keep up with any guitar.

We have opted to use modern machine heads over wooden tuning pegs purely for practicality and tuning stability.

As there are no frets on the guitar you will need a finger slide. one can be purchased from the accessories page. there are burnt fret markings on the side of the neck at the 3, 5, 7, and 12th fret points.

Be sure to check out (our friend) Pat Curley’s, ‘Learncigarboxguitar’ on the web or youtube as it is an excellent online reference and online school for CBGs.

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