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We build a fantastic range of cigar box guitars and art box guitars. Three and four string CBGs are very popular and super easy to play.

"Padron" HURRICANE Cigar Box Guitar

"Padron" HURRICANE Cigar Box Guitar


This is a genuine Birdwood Guitar. Years of research, trial and time have gone into building a quality product that is as individual as it is a pleasure to play. 


This guitar is part of the limited ‘Art Box’ series of guitars that highlight the beautiful art that could be found on cigar boxes and other artefacts of the past. All the images are public domain. 


A piezo pickup helps to amplify the sound of acoustic instruments. This great pickup transfers the vibration of the strings, bridge and box and creates a very bluesy tone that is great for recreating the tone of the Deep South. 

  • Padron cigar box

  • Repurposed timber neck and fingerboard

  • 3 machine heads

  • hardwood bridge and nut

  • sound hole cover

  • top corner protectors

  • neck mounted piezo pickup

  • Small neck fret markers

  • capacitor on output jack to increase amplified depth of tone


  • tuned to GDg

  • This is a slide guitar and needs a finger slide to be played.

Hand made by Adam Harrison at Birdwood Guitars and fully guaranteed. 

Birdwood Guitars. Built to last, Built to blast!

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