'Little Digger' Shovel Guitar (Made to order)

'Little Digger' Shovel Guitar (Made to order)

349.00 369.00

Made to order

Build time 3 weeks

Australia’s best selling shovel guitar is back!! With the sales to back up our statement. We took a break from building the shovel guitars while we were waiting to get the get the right pickup.

YOU CAN’T USE A NORMAL PICKUP AS IT MAKES TUNING UNSTABLE due to having to chop a hole in the shovel at its tension point.

We have imported a new flat pickup from the United States that is installed on the top of the shovel and doesn’t weaken its structural integrity.

Birdwood Guitars is a real bricks and mortar store located in Katoomba and we research, test and guarantee every item we sell.

• shovel from Bunnings

• Quality flat wound pickup imported from the U.S.

• Closed machine heads

• quality volume pot

• Quality output jack

• Electrics covered by gaffer tape

• Balanced strap buttons (strap in pictures not inc)

• Rivet markets at 3,5,7,9,12 fret positions

• These are a standard stock item for us, not a one off.

Buy yours with peace of mind.

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