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We build a fantastic range of cigar box guitars and art box guitars. Three and four string CBGs are very popular and super easy to play.

Fireheart CBG 3 string fretless

Fireheart CBG 3 string fretless


This is a genuine Birdwood Guitar. Years of research, trial and time have gone into building a quality product that is as individual as it is a pleasure to play. 

 A piezo pickup helps to amplify the sound of acoustic instruments. This great pickup transfers the vibration of the strings, bridge and box and creates a very bluesy tone that is great for recreating the tone of the Deep South. 

  • Hand built box construction

  • mountain ash timber neck and meranti fingerboard

  • 3 vintage style machine heads

  • Birds eye maple bridge and nut

  • 2 sound hole covers

  • top corner protectors

  • neck mounted piezo pickup

  • Small screw neck fret markers

  • capacitor on output jack to increase amplified depth of tone


  • tuned to GDg

  • This is a slide guitar and needs a finger slide to be played.

Hand made by Adam Harrison at Birdwood Guitars and fully guaranteed. 

Birdwood Guitars. Built to last, Built to blast!

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