Reptilicus fretless HURRICANE CBG with acoustic pickup

Reptilicus fretless HURRICANE CBG with acoustic pickup


Birdwood Guitars is a full time family business, not a hobby. We are located in beautiful Katoomba NSW.

We have been crafting cigar box guitars and other blues and roots inspired instruments for the last 6 years and have built over 650 instruments in that time. We pride ourselves on producing a great range of excellent quality blues n roots instruments from mostly reclaimed and repurposed materials. Just like the builders of the past. We produce a weekly podcast called The Cigar Box Guitar Builder’ and we are the company that others learn from. And we LOVE that fact!!

WE GUARANTEE OUR INSTRUMENTS FOR LIFE!! Why buy a ‘cheaper’ option when you can rest assured that your instrument will always be taken care of. WE HAVE A 7 day MONEY BACK GUARANTEE ON ALL WEB PURCHASES so, buying with Birdwood Guitars is never a risk!!

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* handmade timber Box with art applied

* repurposed pallet timber neck with meranti finger board for added strength

* screw fret markers in the neck

* piezo pickup located in the optimum position for the strongest tone

* 22nf capacitor at the output jack to control the high end

* huge tone

* lifetime guarantee

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