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Cigar Box Guitar Styles

Traditional Series CBG.

This range of CBGs have been made as a fun entry level guitar. We are using reclaimed timbers from fenceposts and furniture which are at least 60 years old! The neck on top of box styling is reminiscent of the CBGs that were made during the 1930s depression era. Available as a 1 string diddly bow and standard 3 string. All the guitars in this range are equiped with an acoustic pickup. Prices start at $129

Hurricane Fretless CBG with acoustic pickup

Hurricane CBGs.

A fantastic CBG for those who are looking for a ‘starter’ instrument at a great price. Our Hurricane range of neck through CBGs are made from cigar boxes in a variety of sizes. All Birdwood ‘Hurricane’ CBGs come with an acoustic pickup as standard. These are fretless guitars and will need a finger slide to play. Plug in and play. Prices start at $199.00 Made to order within 2 weeks if sold out.

Stormrider Fretted CBG with acoustic pickup

Stormrider CBG.

The Birdwood CBGs range of ‘Stormrider’ guitars is a professional instrument ready for any stage, large or small. Built from sturdy Mountain ash necks and oak fretboards set into a quality slimline timber box with a variety of fantastic vintage inspired prints or genuine cigar boxes. These instruments are professionally fretted by a skilled luthier and all come with an acoustic piezo pickup to plug in and play. Prices start at $279.

Rolling Thunder CBG.

The Birdwood CBGs ‘Rolling Thunder’ range of guitars are professional level instruments for the player looking for a quality fretless slide instrument. Built using sturdy ash and oak for the neck and fingerboards and quality components including a steel 3 or 4 string bridge. All these guitars have an electric guitar pickup installed for a great electric guitar tone that will play anything from blues to heavy Metal. Prices start at $329.

Lightning Boy Standard Premium CBG.

Our top of the line cbg is the Birdwood Guitars ‘Lightning Boy’ Standard CBG. Made using quality components all throughout including a steel bridge, closed tuners, humbucking CBG pickup, Volume and tone, Fully fretted neck, Strainer sound hole, decorative corner protectors and a mass of MOJO!! Available as a 3 or 4 string. Prices start at $429.