Birdwood 'FUZZBOX' Fuzz Pedal


Birdwood 'FUZZBOX' Fuzz Pedal


A totally handmade Fuzz pedal housed in a reinforced cigar box enclosure.

To start with I will be making these as a made to order product.

Build time 1 week.

This fuzz pedal works best with CBGs that have magnetic pickups although with a little tweaking of your piezo equipped CBG volume or the fuzz and volume controls on the FUZZBOX you can create some gnarly tones.

This FUZZBOX is designed to run on mains power as well as with a battery, super handy if you want analog tones through your Roland Cube or similar battery powered amp. If you are using a battery make sure you detach the cable from the input after play so as not to drain the power. 

The fuzz pedal has a huge amount of gain and volume so when you first plug it in make sure you have the volume low and dial in as needed. The fuzz control works best from 2 oclock to 6 oclock. Personally I like it all the way up!!

Crank it!!!

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Built to BLAST - FUZZ!!!!!!!!

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