Birdwood Cigar Box Guitars

Birdwood Guitars started in 2014 in Hazelbrook in The Blue Mountains, NSW. We have always prided ourselves in building great cigar box guitars and other blues and roots inspired instruments. This page is designed to describe the different styles of CBG that we offer.


Lightning Boy CBG

This is our premium range of cigar box guitars. Lightning Boy CBGs are designed for musicians who require a quality stage ready instrument.

They are a made to order instrument and take approximately 4 weeks to build.

They are made using premium parts around a beautiful Montecristo cigar box.

* mountain ash neck

* blackwood or rosewood fretboard (depending on availability)

* professionally installed and finished frets

* Mortal Coil single coil pickup

* steel hard tail bridge

* Quality tuners

* industry standard electrics

* decorative corner protectors

* available with Chrome (standard), black or gold hardware.

* $469 (3 string) to $489 (4 string)



premium fretless CBG

The ROLLING THUNDER CBG is a quality fretless CBG with electric guitar pickup. They are designed for the musician who wants a quality instrument for stage use.

These are a fretless instrument and will require a finger slide.

They are made using a variety of great cigar boxes and are all unique.

* genuine cigar boxes

* mountain ash necks

* Meranti or oak fingerboards for extra strength

* electric guitar pickups

* fixed steel bridge

* quality tuners

* industry standard electrics

* decorative corner protectors

From $329



If you want a CBG with that classic old world blues tone you cant go past a CBG with an acoustic piezo pickup. A piezo pickup allows you to amplify the acoustic tones of the instrument. Years of research have gone into developing our pickup placement so you can use this instrument in a real live performance situation.

* genuine cigar box

* mountain ash neck

* oak or rosewood fretboards

* professionally installed and finished frets

* quality tuners

* industry standard electrics

* through neck construction

* decorative corner protectors

* 3 or 4 string

From $289



A basic CBG doesn’t need to be poorly constructed. Our HURRICANE CBG range is designed to be played at home or in front of an audience. We use an acoustic piezo pickup to amplify the acoustic properties of the guitar. As this guitar doesn’t have frets you will need a finger slide.

* genuine cigar boxes

* timber necks with meranti finger boards

* neck dot position markers

* quality tuners

* tuned GDg

* industry standard electrics

* decorative corner protectors

From $189


Art Box Guitars

Sometimes customers want a CBG but don’t want to have a cigar box. Sometimes I like to use public domain art that I love such as old Sci Fi/ horror movie posters or play with different dyes. Enter the Art Box Guitar.

* Quality timber construction

* Hardwood necks

* meranti fingerboard

* fretted or fretless

* electric guitar or piezo pickups

* quality tuners

* industry standard electrics

* fixed or floating bridges

* decorative corner protectors

From $229