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FAITH acoustic guitars coming soon to Birdwood Guitars Katoomba

FAITH acoustic guitars coming soon to Birdwood Guitars Katoomba

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New guitars coming to Birdwood Guitars

Birdwood Guitars is proud to announce that we will be becoming the region’s sole dealer of (the amazingly beautiful) faith acoustic guitars. Made from premium solid timbers to patrick eggle’s exacting standards faith have earned a reputation for excellence at a great price and been voted as the UK’s best guitar for the last 5 years. watch this space.

A new range of Sterling by Musicman SUB guitars are arriving soon.

A new range of Sterling by Musicman SUB guitars are arriving soon.

Erniey ball electric guitars are on their way!!!!

We love our retro electrics and acoustic guitars but sometimes we are asked if we have any ‘new’ guitars. to answer this question, yes. we will soon be taking delivery of a range of Sterling by Musicman sub electric guitars. i am personally chuffed about this as i have always been amazed by the quality of their product.

Heaps of new CBGs have just arrived

Heaps of new CBGs have just arrived

grab a cigar box guitar and play

Cigar box guitars are fun and easy to play. They have even been around longer than steel string guitars. It is a popular belief that only poor people built and played these great rustic instruments during difficult times but it has come to light that they were being built by the wealthy as well. They are truely an addictive little instrument.

I build my CBGs from genuine, discarded cigar boxes and other timber boxes. They are built in fretless and fretted styles but all can be played with a slide. It is most common for cbgs to be played in open tuning. I prefer to string my builds in open g tuning (GDG) as most of the instructional videos on the internet are played in that tuning.

When you visit birdwood guitars you are welcome to grab an instrument and play. lloyd and i are always on hand to help. So come in and say hi and don’t forget to bring your mojo.

adam harrison

Our store is dedicated to delivering great service and quality products. we have been receiving great reviews, so a big thank you for your support.

Our range of available instruments is increasing daily with new, vintage and budget instruments being brought in once they have been serviced. Our cigar box guitars have met with great reviews and we have new models coming into the store regularly.

due to the popularity of our cbgs we are making some sold out items available as (mto) made to order. We are also working at delivering our famous LIGHTning boy Cbgs into the store asap.

If you are visiting us from overseas we offer great postal options so feel assured that you can purchase and have your items delivered to your door. More news to come

We also offer a guitar repair service So, if your instrument isn't working as you want it to, get in contact with us and we'll cure what ain't working.

Come on in and say hi.

Come on in and say hi.

Lightning Boy Standard

Lightning Boy Standard


If you have any questions or special requests such as part payment options, please don't hesitate to contact me below

Adam Harrison

Owner and operator of Birdwood Guitars and CBGs

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